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Robert Linrothe

Associate Professor (on leave Winter and Spring 2022)

Ph.D., University of Chicago
Curriculum Vitae

Rob Linrothe is Associate Professor of the Department of Art History at Northwestern University, Evanston. His research is mainly based on fieldwork in Ladakh and Zangskar. He earned a Ph. D. in Art History from the University of Chicago. In 2016–2017 Linrothe received a Senior Fellowship from the American Institute of Indian Studies to do fieldwork in eastern India on 8th to 13th century sculpture in Bihar, West Bengal and Odisha.  His recent books are Seeing Into Stone: Pre-Buddhist Petroglyphs and Zangskar’s Early Inhabitants (2016); Visible Heritage: Essays on the Art and Architecture of Greater Ladakh, ed. Rob Linrothe and Heinrich Pöll; and Collecting Paradise: Buddhist Art of Kashmir and its Legacies (2015) (with contributions by Christian Luczanits and Melissa Kerin). Other recent publications include: “Noise Along the Network: A Set of Chinese Ming Embroidered Thangkas in the Indian Himalayas,” in Buddhist Encounters and Identities Across East Asia (2018); “‘Utterly False, Utterly Undeniable’: The Akaniṣṭha Shrine Murals of Takden Phuntsokling Monastery,” Archives of Asian Art (2017); “Donor Figures on 9th–12th Century Sculpture in Eastern India: A Progress Report.” Journal of Bengal Art 22 (2017); “Siddhas and Sociality:  A Seventeenth-Century Lay Illustrated Buddhist Manuscript in Kumik Village, Zangskar (A Preliminary Report)” In Visible Heritage (2016); “Mirror Image: Deity and Donor as Vajrasattva” in History of Religions (2014); and “Portraiture on the Periphery: Recognizing Changsem Sherab Zangpo,” Archives of Asian Art (2013).

Program Area: Buddhist Art, Pre-modern Asia

Regional Specialization: Central and East Asia (Tibet)

Selected Publications

Linrothe, Rob, and Pöll Heinrich. Visible Heritage: Essays on the Art and Architecture of Greater Ladakh. Studio Orientalia, 2016.
Linrothe, Robert. Collecting Paradise: Buddhist Art of Kashmir and Its Legacies. Serindia Publications, 2015.
Linrothe, Robert N. Holy Madness: Portraits of Tantric Siddhas. New York: Rubin Museum of Art, 2006.
Linrothe, Robert N. Paradise and Plumage: Chinese Connections in Tibetan Arhat Painting. New York: Rubin Museum of Art, in Collaboration with the Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, New York, 2004.
Linrothe, Robert N., and Jeff Watt. Demonic Divine: Himalayan Art and beyond. New York: Rubin Museum of Art, 2004.
Linrothe, Rob. Ruthless Compassion: Wrathful Deities in Early Indo-Tibetan Esoteric Buddhist Art. Boston: Shambhala, 1999.
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