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Maryam Athari

Maryam is a PhD student; her research investigates dynamics of global contemporary art world in relation to the region broadly called the Middle East. She is focused on visual arts in contemporary Tehran, Iran. She examines the dialectical tensions between relational spaces of exchange within the discourse of the global contemporary. She has held year-long curatorial fellowships at Museum of Fine Arts Houston 2016-2017, Menil Collection 2015-2016, has completed a graduate internship (2016) at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. She worked for a year at the DePaul Art Museum and Field Museum (2014-2015), both in Chicago. In her native Iran, she was for five years a member of the editorial board of the art magazine, Herfeh:Honarmad (Profession: Artist) (2004-2009) which covered different aspects of artistic practice in Iran. She also worked as grant writer and assistant project for the long-term social documentation project on Iran, A Journey Inside, and curated an exhibit of the project at Bridgeport Art Center Chicago November 2015.