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Please note: Graduate Fellowship Nomination Guidelines were updated October 2018

Art History Graduate Fellowship Nomination Guidelines

TGS and departmental fellowship opportunities

The Art of Writing the Grant-Proposal

Vanessa R. Schwartz, Bowling for Dollars: The Art of Writing the Grant Proposal

CIC Traveling Scholar Program

The CIC Traveling Scholar Program enables doctoral-level students at any CIC university to take advantage of educational opportunities—specialized courses, unique library collections, unusual laboratories—at any other CIC university without change in registration or increase in tuition. A student who wishes to become a CIC Traveling Scholar must first consult with his or her host adviser, who will determine whether the off-campus opportunity is likely to enhance the student's education and ascertain that it is not, in fact, available on the host campus. Each Traveling Scholar may spend up to two semesters or three quarters on the host campus, regardless of the number of courses taken. Should you need further information, please go directly to the CIC program website. Back to top