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Grading Guidelines

GENERAL Grading Guidelines

The following grading scale out of 100 points will be in effect for most courses in this department. Assignments vary in their criteria of assessment; students should consult the class syllabus for details concerning the expectations of individual assignments and overall course performance assessment.


"A" work shows a consistently excellent performance in all aspects. 94 to 100 on a 100-point scale.


"A-" work is near excellent. It has most, but not all, of the positive qualities of "A" work. 90-93.99 on a 100-point scale.


"B+" work is very good and fulfills the requirements well, but without special distinction. 87-89.99 on a 100-point scale.


“B” work is good work that fulfills nearly all requirements, but without distinction. 84-86.99 on a 100-point scale.


"B-" work fulfills most requirements, but shows significant problems in one or two areas. 80-83.99 on a 100-point scale.


"C" work fulfills some requirements but shows significant weakness in multiple areas. 70-79.99 on a 100-point scale.


"D" work fulfills fewer requirements than "C" work and shows significant weakness in most areas. 60-69.99 on a 100-point scale.


“F” work is inadequate in all areas. Individual instructors may have attendance policies under which a certain number of unexcused absences result in an automatic “F” for the course as a whole regardless of performance in other assessment areas. Below 60 on a 100-point scale.