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Anna Cohen

Anna is a doctoral student studying Medieval European art, with a focus on art objects that can be handled or manipulated by their viewers. She received her BA from Lawrence University in 2019 with a major in Art History and minors in History and Museum Studies. Her senior capstone, “Male Gaze or Male Graze? Considering the Tactile Nature of Rupert Carabin’s 1896 Furniture Set,” explored the relationship between the visual and tactile senses in interactions with furniture works which incorporated nude female figures. Anna's primary research interest is how all of the senses are utilized in the creation of interpretations of artworks for Medieval viewers. Her secondary area of interest is in creating sensorially accurate facsimiles of medieval manuscripts. To this end, Anna is working on developing augmented reality facsimiles to help audiences better understand manuscripts as multifaceted objects and reconnect fragments from disassembled manuscripts.