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Stephanie S.E. Lee

Stephanie S.E. Lee (she/her) is a PhD Candidate studying nineteenth- and twentieth-century art, with a focus on print culture, transcultural mediation, and affect. Her dissertation, "Postcards across Empires: Gendered Labor and Reprographic Technologies between France and Japan, 1876-1945" asks how popular media—postcards, vernacular photography, advertisements, and magazines—inform the construction of ethno-national ideologies between France's Third Republic and Japan's Meiji and Taisho eras. Lee's research draws on 16+ months of on-site research across multi-lingual archives in French, Japanese, Korean, and English. She has presented her research on prints, photography, and postcards at the Center for Creative Photography, University of Chicago, and the Association for Asian Studies. Lee is currently based in Paris researching Japanese and Korean artists affiliated with Raphael Collins as a Paris Program in Critical Theory Fellow.