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Stephanie Lee

Stephanie studies seventeenth and eighteenth-century Northern European print culture and decorative arts, focusing on their role in constructing civic identities, proto-ethnographies, and transcultural mediation. Prior to joining the doctoral program at Northwestern, Stephanie received a B.A. from Carleton College, where she worked as the Robert C. Larson Art in the Library Exhibition Assistant, and received the Hyslop-Warnholtz fund to pursue thesis research in Amsterdam. Her most recent project, “For Business and Pleasure: People, Paper, and Porcelain” investigated the oft-overlooked eighteenth-century printmakers Pieter Schenk I and II and their role in the transmission of chinoiserie designs between the Dutch Republic, Austria, and Germany. An article based on the topic is forthcoming in the Rijksmuseum Bulletin. Professionally, Stephanie has worked for Korean Minimalist and Old Masters art dealers, and curated a 2018 exhibition at the Rijksmuseum, “Dreaming of China: Chinoiserie Prints and Porcelain in the Eighteenth-century."
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