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Spring 2022 Class Schedule

Art History offerings for the 2021-22 school year are tentative and subject to change without notice.
Course #Course TitleInstructorDay/TimeLocation


ART_HIST 101-6Freshman Seminar: Rococo Fashion: Art & PowerCaticha 
ART_HIST 232Introduction to the History of Architecture 1400 to PresentEscobar 
ART_HIST 260 / ATP 270Introduction to Contemporary ArtRelyea 
ART_HIST 350-219th Century Art 2: 1848-1900Dowad 
ART_HIST 386Art of AfricaJoja 
ART_HIST 390Undergraduate Seminar: On South African Cultural Expression: Art and the Post-Apartheid ImaginationJoja 
ART_HIST 395Undergraduate Seminar: ‘A Site of Struggle’ and Museological PracticeDees 
ART_HIST 395COSI Undergrad Seminar: Grad StudentRacek 
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ART_HIST 406Dissertation ProspectusFeldman 
ART_HIST 420Global Medieval Art History-Problems and PossibilitiesNormore 
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